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n actively carrying out business activities aimed at popularizing hybrid vehicles in China. But sales of its first hybrid vehicle in the country were not strong. It only sold about 4-thousand models of the Prius during its launch in 2005. A French court in Paris has overturned a lifetime ban from mo▓torsport im

posed on former Renault Formula One team boss Flavio Briato▓re. In September, the Int

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ot to rig the outcome of the 2008 Singapore G▓rand Prix. The Paris court announced the decision just hours after Renault co▓nfirmed Eric Boullier as its new F1 team principal. It said Briatore had not been given the right to properly defend h▓imself d

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testimony, while the Italian's lawyer had not been allowed to question the witness. Lawyers representing Briatore and the FIA both expressed their views towards the decision. While China's export and investment growth remained at a low level


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in the first quarter, domestic consumer spending increased rapidly, helping to offset the impact of shrinking foreign demand and weaker investment.As the global economy continues to slow, domestic consumer spending is likely to remain strong

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in the coming years and has the potential to bec▓ome the main driver of the Chinese economy.According to the National Bureau of ▓Statistics, consumption accounted for 4.3 percentage points of China's 6▓.1 percent GDP growth, compared with 0.2 per

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  • orts and 2 percentage points for investmen▓t. Consumption rose to become the largest contributor to C▓hina's GDP growth over the period.Meanwhile, retail sales expanded 15 percent in the first quarter. After being adjusted for inflation, they grew 15.6 ▓percent year-on-year.The performance of the auto and property sectors largely confir▓med these figures. Auto sales rose 24.97 percent in April t

  • o 1.15 million units, hi▓tting a fresh record and making the country the world's▓ largest auto market for the fourth consecutive month, the China Associati▓on of Automobile Manufacturers reported.Housing sales also rebounded. In▓dustry specialists said the sector's sales volume grew more than 100 percent year-on-year in the first quarter in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. The go▓vernment's effort

  • s to promote home appliance sales also started to have an impact.Total sales of these products reached 4 billion yuan in the first quarter, up 72 percent from the previous quarter. Home appliance sales reached 2.24 billion yuan in March alone, while sales grew 17 percent in China's countryside, outpacing urban areas for the first time.Is this growth sustainabl▓e? How about its potential? Th

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that affect▓ the growth of retail sales: population growth and demographic changes.by Dongying Wang, Rob We▓lham LONDON, May 21 (Xinhua) --

Britons now can scrap their old cars and drive off a new and more environment-friendly model with a 2,000 pound (3,100 U.S. dollars) di

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scount. This came fol▓lowing the official launch of a scrappage scheme by the British gov▓ernment early this week, an incentive which has pr

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